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Amazon fba

Amazon FBA Wholesale Course

We are going to start a new course because now you are going to learn. We are offering you an Amazon course in which we have told you how you can sell your product on Amazon. The course we are going to start in this is amazon fba course which you can do in Pakistan and also in Islamabad online classes have been started and this With the help of the course you can now earn millions of rupees per month by building your store on the world’s largest website amazon and selling your product.

In the field of business expansion and development, it is important to learn and explore the growth opportunities. Amazon wholesale is the best or professional marketplace to expand the ecommerce business. It being years the people around the globe working with Amazon to target potential buyers and focus on business development. Now it is in Pakistan as well with the best amazon wholesale course in Pakistan that people not just learn about find the way to real ecommerce market. PNY offers the amazon wholesale course in Lahore with the collaboration of market professionals to provide a real amazon marketplace experience.

Why this course?

It is important to stand strong in the competitive market with a more recognized approach. The best amazon wholesale course in Pakistan is the corridor for the newbies to learn and plan the product selling. It gives them a complete insight that how the program actually works. Like it starts from the understanding of the market, how to become the best seller at Amazon, and offer an understanding of other tools important to calculate profits, find suppliers and customers in one place. PNY introduces the online amazon wholesale training in Pakistan that provide the necessary education to the business owners to grow and target the market.

The purpose of the course is to provide a way that helps to find best sellers and tools to make the brand recognized on Amazon. Moreover, you can find the opportunity to learn how to sell fast through Amazon, finding distributors, approaching resellers, gets certificate and authority letters to proceed the selling through the Amazon wholesale. The online amazon wholesale training in Pakistan introduces and providing the practicing opportunity for the pricing, approaching the wholesale, and education on the understanding and usage of the tools.

Amazon FBA Course Outline
  • An Introduction to Amazon and other Marketplaces.
  • What is product advertising and its benefit.
  • How to create an account on amazon webstore
  • seller central and FBA Program.
  • creating an account on Amazon and Pre-documentations.
  • Amazon products fulfillment program.
  • How to list products in Amazon seller central FBA and FBM program.
  • Products listing.
  • Products management.
  • Products optimization and conversion tricks.
  • Keywords rankings in Amazon search results.
  • Upload Html, images, videos and other elements of pages.
  • Multiple ways for writing product title and product description.
  • How to list single product and Multi-variant Products.
  • Amazon web store conversion tracking, bidding, and reporting section.
  • Best practices for reaching millions of customers.
  • Web store and order management.
  • Amazon Health, reviews, feedback and ratings.
  • Set up your local and International account on Amazon.
  • Learn all possible opportunities to generate higher sells and returns on Investment (ROI) on Amazon.
  • Traffic and Sells reporting and tracking section.